At It Again

Posted by awb7960 on December 8, 2012

aaron.jpg  Do you all like fun? I'm sorry, of course you do. Well, you're in luck! Aaron is playing tomorrow Dec. 23rd at the First Ward House in St. Joseph, MO at 8:00PM. Aaron says that the show will not feature his band, but it will be a more relaxed acoustic show. This will be his opportunity to showcase new music for his family and friends, as well as his most loyal fans. Perhaps the most interesting aspect of the evening will be the showing of his personalized artwork that was inspired by the music of his current album. The artwork is incredible, and if you miss the chance to see this show, you are blowing it!

  So, what are your plans for New Year's Eve? Aaron and the band are playing at The Buffalo Bar in St. Joseph, MO. That should be a blast! It will be a lot of fun ringing in the New Year with the Movement. So come on out and have a glass of champagne with me, Aaron and the band. Let's get 2013 started off right!

 One last thing and I'll be done. If you haven't heard; Aaron's music is now available on iTunes, Amazon and most other major music outlets. So... check it out. Thanks, bye!