Hey Movement!

Posted by admin on June 9, 2012

If you haven't been over to the Facebook Page you're missing the big stuff. Aaron posted a music video for his song, "Livin Like A Country Song". It was produced by Jeanna Ross and SWAGG Productions and a link to it can be found on his Facebook page. But, the even bigger news is that he's promising another music video when he reaches 1000 "Likes" on the Fan Page. So, head on over to Facebook and "Like" his fan page and share it with all of your friends if you really believe in the music, or if you just want to be able to say, "I remember when that guy was just getting started."

In other news the next big thing Aaron says he is looking forward to this summer is the annual Wiley's Lounge Float Trip June 29-July 1. "It's going to be a real good time," he says recalling last year's adventure. "I can't wait to spend some 'me' time with my friends on the river."