CD Release Concert

Posted by admin on March 14, 2012

flyer2012_sm.jpgAaron recorded the last tracks for his long awaited album set to release early next month. This is exciting for Aaron and his entire team.

"It's like a dream come true. Now we just need a national headlining tour." Aaron says of this adventure. The idea of having a completed piece of art/work has been something that has driven Aaron for a long time. And now with it in reach it almost feels too good to be true.

His team, gladly referring to themselves as "The Aaron Blumer Movement", are pressing for a big release.

"We are going to make it a party this town has never seen." Says Tanner Ferguson, Aaron's acting manager and "Movement" coordinator.

Someone going this far for their own dream isn't something that happens often. That is the reason for his teams dedication. Aaron is dedicated to his music and that is something to celebrate. The Movement wants to make sure everybody knows what an accomplishment this truly is, and how much a CD release can do for the people surrounding him.

a1_studio2011.jpeg"I've been around him since he picked up the guitar, and he still amazes me every time." Says Andy Blumer, Aaron's older brother and roommate. Andy is looking forward to Aaron's CD release concert for a number of reasons stating that "all the new faces" goes at the top of the list.

So, this is where I say, don't miss this concert. April 14th at 8pm at the Buffalo Bar in St. Joseph, MO. Featuring solo local artists Dylan Russell and Casey Brett. This goes a long way for people that support local music, and without their love and support Aaron would not have been able to do what is being done. Don't be afraid to jump on the train and take a ride.

"I'll be glad to take ya'll along." Aaron says about his career. "Dreams are only dreams if you let them be."